Elegance is woman

The charming femininity, simplicity in the fine details, the refinement in classical antiquity. All of this is the woman who wants to represent in DOIMO DECOR collection of rugs and wall decorations "Marie Claire".

The quality of materials and the guarantee of brand DOIMO DECOR come together in this collection, in a calm and exclusive designs. Four-coordinated carpets with wall decorations create a seductive atmosphere, perfect for a woman elegant and refined.

Jardin d’Auteuil, Jardin du Luxembourg, Haute Couture e Paris By Night: four scenarios sophisticated and refined, a walk to the center of Paris. The first three proposals are made of carpet and wall decorations. Paris By Night, by contrast, offers only a selection of rugs.

Jardin d'Auteuil, with its freshness of life, evoking a bucolic landscape, colorful, spring. The carpet is made of hand-tufted acrylic Japanese. The adhesive is coordinated wall vinyl and velvet, very pleasant to the touch.

The collection Jardin du Luxembourg is characterized by a chromatic contrasts of warm and cold tones on. In this case, the carpet is made of acrylic Japanese prints. Two very distinctive wall decorations: three round stickers of different sizes that can be arranged at will the first and the second a "wall panel to decorate a piece of wall from floor to ceiling. The beautiful game created by the two forms applied in the same room.

The home as an optical geometry with Haute Couture. A perfect balance of form, obtained through the two-tone black and white to celebrate the combination of carpet and wall decor. The carpet is made of hand-tufted Japanese acrylic. There are four wall decorations designed to Haute Couture, which reproduce the "cloverleaf" Marie Claire: adhesive vinyl, two folding metal decoration adhesive that lend themselves to three-dimensional transformations and a slate colored stickers on a piece of chalk with which to write the most important thoughts of the day.

Paris By Night gives off all the unforgettable charm of the Parisian taste. Soft circles intersect to form emotional patterns, with the entire class that only those who deeply loves the creativity may have. The three Japanese acrylic rugs are hand-tufted.

Decorate the rooms with new clothes is always easy with the convenient wall decorations. Match them to the carpet, then, is a game, a fun way to enjoy the pleasure of living in a beautiful and welcoming every single day.

Marie Claire is one of the most qualified international fashion magazines. Investigations, beauty, lifestyle, interior design, curiosity and confidence about current topics make it a female full of ideas. Marie Claire Fashion is flanked by Marie Claire Maison, Marie Claire Mariage, Marie Claire and many other ideas. Today, Marie Claire has an international presence in 34 local editions, with trendy ideas and unique style, services, fashion, furniture, kitchen and others. For over 20 years brings to market quality products in his unmistakable mark.

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